P.R.O Kids does not provide direct programming. Instead we connect children with over 120 community organizations in the Greater Saint John area.


Eligible applicants for P.R.O. Kids are:

  • Children and youth up to 18 years of age in the Greater Saint John Area.
  • In Demonstrated Financial Need.
  • Only enrolled in one paid recreation program per season.

  • New Partnerships

    Is your organization or business interested in working with P.R.O. Kids to help local children in the Greater Saint John area?  P.R.O. Kids has limited funding available for placing children and all costs for placing children in programs is fund-raised every year. Any help your organization can offer helps get more children the chance to experience  positive recreation opportunities.

    To become a partner, your organization can support P.R.O. Kids in one or more of the following ways:

    1. Donate one or more registration spaces in your program on a recurring basis for P.R.O. Kids' use.
      The spaces provided for P.R.O. Kids will be used to place children who qualify for assistance. A child is placed after completion of an application process that involves verification of the financial need of the family.

    2. Provide a significant discount that is available for P.R.O. Kids to use for every child in a program
      P.R.O Kids will pay for the cost of registration for a child in a program and be given a discount that is not normally available to the public. This way we can afford to place more children in that particular program. 

    3. Host a Fundraiser
      Sometimes organizations for cannot afford to provide free spaces or a significant discount. In this case, the organization is welcome to host fundraiser on behalf of P.R.O. Kids that would raise enough funds to pay for one or more registration spaces in their organization

    P.R.O. Kids is Confidential.

    If a child is approved for placement in an organization. P.R.O. Kids will contact the organization and given them the name of the eligible child. The parent of the child will then register their child with that organization and remind them that they have been approved for a P.R.O. Kids placement. This information should only be accessible by one or two people in the organization.

    Benefits of Partnership

    • Organizations will have a sense of pride and social responsibility for helping families in need.
    • Builds healthy communities and a healthy lifestyle.
    • Is an investment in the future of our young people.
    • Increased enrollment in an organization's programs.
    • Partners are listed on our Programs page
    • Program Partners are mentioned in our yearly thank-you ad in the Telegraph Journal. Mentions are also made on our website, the City of Saint John Website, social media, and at fund-raising events.
    • Program partners are welcome to use the P.R.O. Kids logo. Families who apply through P.R.O. Kids are more likely to enroll their child in a program when they see the P.R.O. Kids logo and know the organization supports P.R.O. Kids.

    If you would like to Partner with P.R.O. Kids or would like more information,
    please contact the P.R.O. Kids Manager at 642-PLAY

    Positive Recreation Opportunities for Kids is operated by the City of Saint John
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