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  1.  Support P.R.O. Kids by attending our EVENTS
  2.  Make a Tax Deductible Donation
  3.  Become a Program Partner
  4.  Become a Volunteer
  5.  Host a Fundraiser
  6.  Tell others about the service P.R.O Kids provides to Families
  7.  Get on Board - Reserve ad space in local rinks to help P.R.O. Kids

By supporting P.R.O. Kids, you will be removing barriers for participation. Placing children and youth in activities through the P.R.O. Kids program will not only affect these children; it will also positively affect their families and friends, those who are involved in the activity in which they participate, and the community at large. The children placed through the program will be encouraged to achieve their full potential and uncover their unique talents. They will feel a sense of belonging and community, will have an increase in self-esteem, and will have a chance to live a healthy, active life.
In addition, there are numerous benefits to the community when children get involved in recreation activities, as recreation…

  • Builds healthy communities and a healthy lifestyle
  • Is an investment in the future of our young people
  • Fosters cooperation and good citizenship
  • Promotes positive behaviours
  • Encourages community involvement
  • Develops leadership skills
  • Develops physical and creative skills
  • Provides fun and enjoyment
  • Is an important tool in crime prevention
  • Strengthens families
  • Promotes healthy development
  • Builds social skills
  • Lowers rates of illness and associated costs
  • Results in higher grades and children and youth who stay in school longer

The success of P.R.O. Kids is dependant upon fostering partnerships with community organizations and individuals who deliver art, cultural, recreation and sport programs in Saint John. Organizations and individuals are requested to provide spaces in their programs, which can be filled by P.R.O. Kids applicants.

If you would like to make a donation to P.R.O. Kids or would like further information, contact the P.R.O. Kids Manager by calling 642-7529 or send an email to

THANK YOU for Supporting P.R.O. Kids!!

Positive Recreation Opportunities for Kids is operated by the City of Saint John
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