P.R.O. Kids is looking for volunteers to help out periodically.

We often need willing volunteers to assist us for a few hours at a time with equipment sorting and fundraising events such as our Golf Tournaments, our Annual Dinner or Jumpstart Day.

Our Volunteers do not typically work directly with children - instead we work for them!

If you are willing and able to join our passionate team of volunteers please fill out this form.


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 Sorting Equipment - Ongoing

P.R.O. Kids receives a lot of donated equipment and we need help organizing it and giving it to families in need

 P.R.O. Kids Annual Dinner - Every Spring

We have various needs, such as helping with our coat check to helping carry equipment

 JUMPSTART DAY - Last Saturday in May

We need volunteers to help us BBQ and set-up games at your local Canadian Tire on Jumpstart day. Funds raised by Jumpstart stay in our community and directly help P.R.O. Kids.

 Golf Tournaments - Summers

We have  Sponsored Golf Tournaments every summer, and need volunteers to help at the event in various ways e.g. selling beverages, helping with the auction, registration

 Fundraising - On Going

100% of the cost of placing children in sports and recreation programs is raised every year through grants, donations and fundraising efforts. We need volunteers to help with fundraising on behalf of children.

Host a fundraiser on behalf of P.R.O. Kids - Here are some ideas:

Get your workplace involved 
- Host a Jersey Day (your co-workers would make a donation to wear a jersey or favourite shirt to work)
- Elevator Tax - encourage employees to keep healthy and use the stairs - have a "tax" jar by the elevator
- Cellphone Fine - If a cellphone disrupts a meeting, that person pays a small "fine"
- Sponsor a Child - It costs P.R.O. Kids an average of $200 to place a child in a program for a year


If you have other ideas, services, talents, or opportunities that you believe will benefit P.R.O. Kids, we want to hear from you!

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